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State Farm


While most Asian Indians are comfortable with English, they look to Asian Indian media for in-culture entertainment – including following their favorite sports such as Cricket, staying abreast of news from home and watching the latest entertainment out of Bollywood.


The Bollystar 2009 campaign fits with State Farm’s strategy of tying the brand to established passion-points. The goal for State for this campaign was to engage with Asian Indians in a positive environment that will generate good will and greater consideration towards the brand. Bollywood is ever increasing in popularity among this segment and is beginning to cross over with films like “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Online, State Farm was able to reach and fully engage with the South Asian community in numbers far greater than they expected. By our estimates, at roughly 100,000 unique visitors (Google Analytics June-September). This high level of engagement proved that this experience truly sparked a passionate interest among this audience, and that spread rapidly with participants reaching out to their network asking for their friends/family to “be there” for them and vote for them to become the next Bollystar.

Demographic Target: Asian Indians, 30’s-40’s, professional, HHI $55,000, college educated
Campaign Run Dates: 2009

Corolla Miku


Toyota’s Asian American Corolla target is a savvy, urban consumer who seeks substance over flair. Driven by her unique aspirations, she takes her own path to fulfill her ambitions. A pop-culture kindred spirit to this demographic is the Japanese virtual pop star and music sensation, Hatsune Miku. Miku is a computer generated, animated, 3D projected, virtual character that has garnered loyal fans in Asia, and across the globe.


Hatsune Miku is a perfect fit for the Corolla’s consumer message strategy—“Big Dreams in a Compact Package.” Like the Corolla, the Miku character might be considered small or limited in function, but over-delivers on value, technology, style, and allows users to express themselves freely.

Toyota partnered with Hatsune Miku and her creators to create an integrated campaign with a heavy emphasis in Digital Media. The campaign was launched to coincide with Hatsune Miku’s U.S. debut to maximize traffic to, Toyota’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. In the first two days the “Dream Harmonic” video garnered more than 200,000 views, and in two and half weeks hit 1 million views. During that time, the page dedicated to the campaign received over 400,000 visits.

Demographic Target: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Pan-Asian Females, single with no children, 30’s, professional, HHI $55,000, college educated
Campaign Run Dates: May 2011 – June 2011

AT&T / U-verse (San Francisco)


AT&T has been expanding the reach of it’s industry leading fiber optics U-verse product into major markets with some success in recent years. The challenge was to grow the business where U-verse is offered but where awareness is low. The goal of this campaign was to build awareness and create a boost in sales.


Although both Asian Indian and Filipino segments speak English, the majority of them consume in-culture media – to view news, dramas, variety shows and sports. Although they have a low awareness of U-verse as a product, they have a high opinion of AT&T as an innovative brand and in general are looking for in-culture content at a good value and are NOT brand loyal to Comcast or Dish Network.

In order to measurably build awareness and drive conversion to sales during a brief 3-month campaign, we determined that we needed to ensure that the local Asian Indian and Filipino communities were engaged with the U-verse brand through integrated, locally driven tactics. This included a non-traditional Out-of-Home effort to take over local Filipino Supermarkets and local Asian Indian Cinemas with additional support through insertions in premium positions on local papers and magazines.

Not only did we see a positive build in awareness (pre vs. post campaign tracking), but we also achieved more than a 20% conversion to sales for people that called the #800 showing that we were reaching the right audience in the right places, and those who learned of this product and called were ready to buy.

Demographic Target:Asian Indian and Filipino Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area
Campaign Run Dates:August 19, 2011 – November 30, 2011
Awards: Enterant for 2012 Mosaic Award (Fall, 2012)

626 – Fung Brothers ft. Jason Chen


The 626 is the area code in the San Gabriel Valley that is the mecca of Asian trends. That’s why we’re located here, too! In their latest video, the Fung Brothers pay tribute to neighborhood foods as they tour their favorite hangouts. Warning: You’re going to get hungry.

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