Multicultural OOH

Targeted, Breakthrough, Relevant, Impactful, Appreciated.

Advertisers and their agencies are increasingly seeking ways to create content that resonates with multicultural audiences.  As a result, Out of Home advertising has become an increasingly important and effective medium for reaching these diverse audiences. Going directly to ethnic enclaves or destinations/journey routes that encompass a diverse audience allows brands to stand out with more relevant and impactful messaging.

A recent study by OAAA, “OOH Impact: Retail and Influencer Marketing” demonstrates that Black and Hispanic American consumers find OOH ads more interesting than typical ads at a level higher than overall adults. Similarly, OOH influences in-store purchases with Black (78%) adults, Hispanic (76%) adults, and Asian (73%) adults noticing OOH ads on their way to shop in-person v. overall adults (68%). 

Diversity is hard-wired into everything we do. Our agency is a woman-of-color (WOC) owned business. And our team is experienced, nuanced, and yes, multicultural — possessing an almost instinctive understanding of how brands can reach target audiences, both nationwide and locally. Our audience coverage includes demographics by neighborhood, ethnicity, culture, affinities, and lifestyles.