Rezonate Media

is a street-level OOH company
that specializes in connecting brands to people of diverse backgrounds.

We are a partnership between two impactful, award-winning companies: 

  • Intertrend, a minority-owned, certified  full-service advertising and marketing agency
  • Alchemy Media, the country’s largest street-level advertising company

With decades of experience under our belts, we joined forces after noticing the increasing need to help our clients seamlessly achieve their diversity goals.

To customize your options, Rezonate is partnered with Alchemy Media, the largest street-level OOH vendor in the country. As the original wild posting company, and with 50+ years of experience, Alchemy is the industry leader in ground-level promotions ranging from poster and hand paint campaigns to eye-popping experiential executions. The Alchemy calling card is a customized campaign that hit the advertiser’s target demographics and budgets while meeting tight deadlines. Alchemy takes you from concept to live-in-the-streets faster and better than anyone in the biz.

Core Team

Tanya Raukko

Chief Strategy Officer

Michael Vitug

Executive Director

Josh Garcia

Engagement Strategist